Varied baby food is extremely important for your baby's development. The range of baby formula at Dutch Baby Shop therefore includes 300+ baby milk products from more than 20 different reputable brands. You can find baby formula from Germany, England, Denmark and the Netherlands on our webshop. Major brands such as Enfamil are available at Dutch Baby Shop. Is Enfamil baby formula what you are looking for? Take a look at our offer below.

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Enfamil baby formula - cow's milk allergy

For babies with cow's milk allergy there is hypo-allergenic baby formula and cow's milk-free baby formula on the market. Enfamil's hypoallergenic baby foods do contain cow's milk protein, but are cut (hydrolyzed) in such a way that your baby does not have an allergenic response. There are several hypoallergenic products available, including Enfamil HA.


Enfamil H.A. Digest is a documented hypoallergenic infant formula with Lipil, which is recommended:

  • In case of increased allergy risk
  • In case of small digestive problems
  • As a supplement or replacement of breast milk
  • For infants from birth

Various Enfamil baby formula

In addition to Enfamil HA, you will also find Enfamil ar 1 and ar 2 within our offer. These are baby formulas with a thickener substance that are used as diet food for spitting infants. Enfamil ar 1 can be used as the only source of nutrition for babies during the first 6 months of life. Enfamil ar 2 can also be used as part of a varied diet from 6 months onwards.

Enfamil ar 1 is a complete and balanced dietary food for medical use with Lipil, which is recommended at:

  • Regurgitations/reflux
  • For infants from 0 - 6 months
  • not suitable for babies with cow's milk allergy

Enfamil ar 2 is a dietary food for medical use with Lipil, which is recommended at:

  • Regurgitations/reflux
  • For infants from 6 months
  • not for babies with cow's milk allergy

Ordering at Dutch Baby Shop

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