Lactose Free


There is a chance that your baby gets cramps or intestinal problems and this could be caused by lactose intolerance. In that case you want to have the best alternative baby formula for your child. If you prefer to use a Dutch brand you know well, it can be hard to find the right product if you live outside of the Netherlands. At Dutch Baby Shop you can order lactose free baby formula from all over the world. This way you won’t have to scour local supermarkets looking for the right baby formula.

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  1. Nutrilon Lacto free infant milk baby formula (from 0 months)
    Nutrilon Lacto free infant milk baby formula (from 0 months)
    € 43.62 € 40.02
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Lactose free

Milk and other dairy products are essential for the growth and development of your child, but what if your baby has an intolerance for dairy? For those kids lactose free baby formula could be the solution. This way they consume their much needed nutrition, without the nasty side effects like cramps and intestinal problems. Be sure to first consult your doctor before switching from breast feeding or regular baby formula to lactose free baby formula. Your doctor knows what is best for your baby.

Ordering from Dutch Baby Shop

At Dutch Baby Shop we offer you a wide range of over 300 baby food products of 15 different brands. We ship worldwide and we make sure you get your order as soon as possible. So you won’t have to wait for long before you can feed your baby the proper lactose free baby formula or any of the other baby food products. Browse through our website to see what more we have to offer and what more advantages there are to order at Dutch Baby Shop.

More information

If you would like to know more about our wide range of products and brands or about your order at Dutch Baby Shop, please feel free to reach out to our customer service. They are happy to help you with all of your questions. You can also contact them if you have any suggestions for our supply of products. If you want a certain brand or product that is not yet available on our website we will look into the possibilities of adding it to our assortment.