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Do you prefer giving your baby food made out of goat milk in stead of cow milk? All baby formula of Nannycare is based on goat milk and of course you can order it here at Dutch Baby Shop. The milk products from Nannycare are characteristic because of their soft and creamy milk. Choose the formula most suitable for your baby in our webshop and order from anywhere in the world.

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Goat milk formula

Nannycare has a baby formula for every stage of your infant’s life. You can start off with infant milk for the first six months, then build up to follow on milk and go on with toddler milk for when they are between one and three years old. It is always best to breastfeed your child, but the goat milk formula of Nannycare is a good addition to it. If it is not possible to breastfeed your child you can use it as a replacement, but be sure to first consult your doctor. They know what is best for you child’s health.

Officially approved

Goat milk as a substance of baby formula has been approved by the European Food Safety Authority of the EU in 2014. So it has been tested and deemed safe for children to drink goat milk formula. You can find all the ingredients in the product information on our website and on the packaging.

Ordering baby food at Dutch Baby Shop

Dutch Baby Shop offers you a wide range of over 300 baby food products of fifteen different brands. Of course Nannycare is one of those fifteen brands. You can order your infant milk and follow on milk here in our webshop and we will make sure they are delivered as soon as possible, wherever you live! Be sure to check out the rest of our brands and products too.

Dutch Baby Shop

Do you want to know more about the products of Nannycare or any of the other products and brands? Or do you want more information about an order or your delivery? Please feel free to contact our customer service. They are happy to help you with all of your questions. You can also contact them to suggest new products to add to our webshop. So if you’re favourite brand is not yet being sold at Dutch Baby Shop, let us know!