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From the moment your baby is born, all you want is the best for him or her. Baby formula is a very important part of this. Again, you want to make sure it consists of the very best ingredients. Abroad, you may encounter different types of baby formula than you are used to. But don't worry. At Dutch Baby Shop you can also easily order your familiar English baby formula online. Take a look at our range of English baby food on this page. Order the desired products online now. We supply English baby formula worldwide!

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Do you want to continue using English baby food? On this page you will find different variants of English baby food in our assortment. For example, you can think of the renowned brands of English baby food Nutricia and Nestle. Discover the different English baby food on this page.

The right packaging

When you look at our range of English baby formula you will see several variants of English baby food. All brands of English baby formula meet strict safety requirements. However, there are a few small differences between the various variants. First of all, the different English baby formulas are suitable for different ages. This is stated per package. So keep a close eye on this. There are also brands of English baby formula that are 'anti-allergic'. Use these only when your child is allergic.

Order English baby formula

Have you found your desired English baby formula on this page? Dutch Baby Shop offers you more than 300 baby milk products online from no less than 15 different reputable brands. Add the desired English baby formula to your shopping cart and order it easily online. We will make sure your order is delivered quickly, no matter where in the world you live. Your order will be fully insured up to €500,- and you will benefit from 100% delivery guarantee.


Do you want to know more about English baby formula or is there something else you would like to see in our assortment? Please contact us and let us know. We will then immediately start looking for the baby milk you want and make sure that the baby formula is on the website within 24 hours. We like to inform you well about our products, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Please go to our customer service page and fill in the contact form.