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Organic baby food is very important for a baby's growth. Bimbosan is a great organic baby formula that can help your little one get the nutrients they need. Feeding your newborn can be quite overwhelming. You want what is best for them. If you are looking for high-quality nutritious baby food that also is sustainable, Bimbosan is a great baby formula for your baby. At Dutch Baby Shop we want to make sure that it is possible to feed your baby Bimbosan formula from wherever you are. Even when you are living or staying in the middle of nowhere!

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Bimbosan is a real family business and a well-known Swiss firm that has been producing high-quality baby food since 1932. Bimbosan takes great pride in being a part of Switzerland's culinary history, relying on Switzerland as its manufacturing base from the beginning. Their first baby food was a 5-grain baby-formula. Now decades later their product range has expanded significantly, and has taken their products to markets all over the world. Next to providing high-quality food for your little one, they also think that our beautiful planet should be treated with respect. They consider it part of their responsibility to leave a lovely world for future generations of children and babies. That is why their products must be sustainable.

Bimbosan organic baby formula

Entire generations of Swiss children have grown up with Bimbosan. The formula provides all of your baby’s needs for a healthy development. From the first month to their first bites of solid foods, Bimbosan supports your baby throughout his or her whole diet. Also good to know is that they use high-quality Swiss organic milk in order to eliminate the use of palm oil in the production process.

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