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I would like to start off by welcoming you to the largest online baby shop, specialized in baby formula. Dutch Baby Shop offers typically Dutch baby formulas and also baby formula from Belgium, Germany, Denmark and United Kingdom. With this, I strive to offer an assortment that is both varied and innovatory with only genuinely and original baby formula products. Wherever you are, you will have access to 300 different baby formulas. And I aim to expand my assortment with the newest baby products every month, so that I can continue to fulfill my customers’ wishes and expectations.

As a supplier of different kinds of baby formula I aim to deliver good service and quality at the lowest prices. I also charge the lowest shipping costs possible, because I know that those costs can be a barrier for many customers. Besides the quick and secure delivery in professionally shipped packages, I also like to offer you a complete service. I am always there for you and I am ready to assist you with any question you might have. That way I will keep you satisfied as a customer and your child will be able to enjoy the best and most healthy baby formulas that I have to offer.

Do you have any tips or questions? Please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service at the following e-mail address: customerservice@dutchbabyshop.com. I really appreciate your reaction, so that I can continue to both, improve my service as well as adjust my assortment even more closely to your needs.

I would like to wish you a lot of shopping pleasure!

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About Dutch Baby Shop

Welcome, I am Mark Nooijen, I am the founder and owner of Dutch Expat Shop and Dutch Baby Shop. I have lived and worked abroad for many years. My life abroad started when I obtained my International law degree in Sweden. Afterwards I worked, among others, for a Malaysian company in Kuala Lumpur. I also worked for a Dutch law firm in Singapore for a period of time. Especially during my stay in Asia I missed those typically Dutch products. After a while, I came up with the idea of founding Dutch Expat Shop, especially for those Dutch and Belgian nationals trying their luck abroad.

Due to the enormous success of Dutch Expat Shop I have oriented myself even more on the food market for babies and children. Due to the large demand I have decided to focus myself with a brand new webshop - Dutch Baby Shop - on the baby formula market. I know that the quality of baby formula is poor in many countries worldwide. This is the main reason for me to offer you a wide array of baby formulas. I have hundreds of high-quality baby formula products in stock for you, your partner and your children, selected and subsequently prepared with the utmost care. And all that at the lowest prices possible, compared to other countries where, if you can find them at all, the best baby formulas are offered at four or five times their original price. The products I offer will exceed all your wishes and expectations, because next to my assortment of 300 baby formulas, I also expand my offer on a monthly basis. Based on the reactions I get from customers, I will continuously look for new baby formula products to make your life abroad as pleasant as possible. I take the utmost care of your products, for example by using only the very best packaging materials, and I highly value customer satisfaction. If you have any question at all, I am always there for you. You can also always send me an e-mail. My e-mail address is customerservice@dutchbabyshop.com. I am looking forward to your feedback and you will receive an answer to your question within one (1) day.

I would like to wish you a lot of shopping pleasure. Please enjoy my website and the many baby formula products it has to offer.

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Dutch Baby Shop (part of Dutch Expat Shop BV)
Steenbakkerstraat 1
2222 AT Katwijk
The Netherlands

Chamber of Commerce Eindhoven: 72571918

IBAN: NL43 RABO 0124 8980 33
VAT number: NL859157490B01

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